International Amateur Radio Union Region 2 XX General Assembly Lima, Peru September 30 to October 2, 2019

IARU R2 XX Conference


Geographic location

Peru is located in the American continent in the central part of South America, bathed by the Pacific Ocean and traversed by the Andes Mountain Range. It also has a large Amazonian territory and borders with Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil, Chile and Bolivia.


With 1’285215.6 kms², Peru is the third largest country in South America, after Brazil and Argentina and is among the 20 largest countries in the world. It also has 200 nautical miles and territorial rights over a surface of 20 million hectares in the Antarctica. Peru is divided into 24 departments, besides the Constitutional Province of Callao. The capital of Peru is Lima.


Peru is a multi-ethnic country. Throughout history, it has been the melting pot of different races and cultures. The Spaniards merged with the native population. As a product of that encounter, enriched later by the migrations of people of African, Asian, and European descent, the Peruvian man emerges as the representative of a nation whose ethnic wealth constitutes one of its most significant characteristics.

Currently, Peru has a population of over 31 million inhabitants.


As part of its cultural wealth, multiple native languages coexist in Peru. Although Spanish is the commonly used language, Quechua is an important heritage of the Incan past and is still spoken in several regions of the country with slight variations according to the region.

Time Zone

Time in Peru is UTC – 5 (Universal Time). All the Peruvian territory is in the same time zone, without changes throughout the year.


Peru is a unitary democratic republic. The President and members of Congress are elected every 5 years by universal vote. The current Constitutional President is Martín Vizcarra.


Peruvians are believers by nature: the diversity of beliefs and religious freedom can be seen in a variety of festivities and rituals that gather both the Catholic devotion, part of the Spanish heritage, and the mystique of millenary pre-Hispanic cultures. The approximate distribution is 89% Catholic, 7% evangelical and 4% from other religions.

Capital: Lima

Geographical location: in the central-western zone of Peru, located 154 meters above sea level on the Pacific Ocean shore.

The city of Lima (City of the Kings) is a rare and exciting blend of races, styles and forms; indigenous and Spaniard. It is characterized by being a multicultural and hospitable city, the product of a blend of diverse human groups that have contributed their traditions, customs and beliefs over more than 10 thousand years of history.

Nowadays, Lima counts on more than 10 million inhabitants.

Conference Hosts

Radio Club Peruano IARU Region 2