International Amateur Radio Union Region 2 XX General Assembly Lima, Peru September 30 to October 2, 2019

IARU R2 XX Conference

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Pachacamac Sanctuary:  Pachacamac was the main sanctuary of the central coast for more than a thousand years. The word Pachacamac means “soul of the earth, the one who animates the world”. The cult of Pachacamac was the center of all religion on the coast of ancient Peru.

The sanctuary is located in the Lurín Valley, 20 km at east of Lima. The first occupations date from 5000 BC. Around 1100 AD, the Ychma culture established its center of power in Pachacamac. In 1470 the Incas had established in Pachacamac an important provincial capital for its religious and administrative character. Upon the arrival of the Spanish conquerors in 1533, Pachacamac was the most important sanctuary on the coast.

Hacienda Mamacona: Hacienda Mamacona was established in the region called Mamacona of the old San Pedro de Lurín estate, near the Pachacamac sanctuary. The sector takes its name from the adjacent temple of the mamakunas, which forms part of the ancient pre-Inca sanctuary of Pachacamac.

That is why the Hacienda is like a merging place for the history of culture in Peru. The Pachacamac sanctuary was a place of pilgrimage and worship, where believers arrived from all the population centers of Andean cultures. With the arrival of the Spaniards to this land, the sanctuary’s function begins to decline and at the same time, the cultural blending of Hispanic and Andean begins, while the identity of modern Peru was taking shape.

To the same beat of this formation of “the Peruvian identity”, the Peruvian Paso Horse developed as well, a breed that was gradually adapted to our geography, simultaneously with the evolution of Peruvian history.



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